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State of art datacenter

Our datacenter is located in McLean, Virginia, just across the bridge from Washington DC. Read more below...
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Our Datacenter:

Our datacenter is located in McLean, Virginia, just across the bridge from Washington DC. We own our own generator, and have backup battery systems capable of running our node indefinitely. We also have redundant AC systems and security.

In 2003, Hurricane Isabel raged up the East Coast of the United States, ultimately passing directly over our datacenter's facility. Power was lost for miles in every direction as high winds and rain continued. Despite losing utility power for almost 6 days, our datacenter stayed up, humming along happily as if nothing had happened at all.

Our network consists of a Juniper M20-based Routing Layer, a Cisco Catalyst 6500/11000 series Distribution Layer and a Cisco Catalyst Customer Switching layer, This gives us much more than simply great uptime and performance. All switch ports are managed and monitored 24/7. We can also enable load balancing, fail-over redundancy, and many other powerful technologies.

Our network is connected to several locations including Equinix and Switch & Data where it has transit connections. Major upstream bandwidth providers include Deutsche Telekom's T-Systems and PCCW's BTN networks, with a total of over 500 peers.

We do not publish network capacity, because in a way we find it disingenuous. We will always maintain fiber connections in far excess of what it is using, and maintains access to plentiful dark fiber in its datacenters as well. Therefore providing connection details is inaccurate, because we always maintain what we need and more.

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